WEARABLE ART: With beautiful stones, unique designs and incredible craftsmanship, there is no doubt that pieces of jewelry are works of art. San Martin Designs is handcrafted silver and gemstone contemporary art jewelry created by Susan and Steven Shaikh. The Shaikhs were recognized as Best Local Artists at the 2019 Covington Art Fair. “It is amazing how their pieces have such artistry, but are also functional and wearable,” said Abby Leon, the director of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art’s Paradigm Gallery and Covington Art Fair judge. “They definitely have a signature style, but also work to create new collections with unique designs incorporating beautiful and colorful gemstones.” By fusing their talents – Susan does the designs and Steven sets the stones and does the metalsmithing — they create beautiful pieces that can be found hanging from the necks, adorning the wrists and dangling from the earlobes of fashionable women who have the ability to appreciate jewelry that is both pretty and works of beautiful art. Sanmartindesigns.com


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