260 Seconds: Foundation One

Foundation One

Owner, Unity Barber Shop


FWM: What is a common misconception about you?
FO: People think because I love my people that I am anti-white. I love everybody. I seek good in everybody. You don’t have to earn my trust. I give it to you up front.

FWM: What is the source of our differences?
FO: The problem is people’s ignorance, people’s fear, people’s mistrust, people’s hate, people’s prejudice, people’s brokenness. I want everyone to sit down without fear and communicate. A five-minute conversation helps everything.

FWM: What is the best next step?
FO: We’re not in control. When it’s time, the solution will manifest itself. When I plant a seed, I don’t know exactly when the fruit will be ripe. I just need to take
care of it.

FWM: What message do you think Fort Wayne needs to hear?
FO: We’re going to be OK. The worst is over (as he pointed to a painting on the wall of a slave ship leaving Africa). Everything has been taken from us – language, history, diet, families, culture. But you can’t take our love. Over love kept us together. We’ve come a long way. You have to block out what society says and be mentally strong. It’s about you, what do you want to contribute.


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