260 Seconds: Megan McClellan

Megan McClellan

Executive Director of Fort Wayne Trails, Inc.


FWM: How do you personally enjoy the trail system?
MM: With my family. I have a husband and an 8-year old daughter. We love to walk the trails. My daughter likes to run on the trails – she gets at least double the mileage we do.

FWM: What are the next significant milestones for the trail system?
MM: The trail bridge over State Street is in and just awaiting final safety checks. The trail connecting Carroll Road to Fitch Road, is VERY close to being built. Then there is the “Golden Spike” section – just 1.2 miles of trail to connect 80 miles of trail south of Coliseum Boulevard with the 30 miles of trail north of Washington Center Road.

FWM: Why did you become so passionate about trails that you decided to make a career out of it?
MM: Trails are my way to “save the world,” as they have economic, social, environmental and health benefits. They are generally free to use, and open to anyone. Once you get people out of their cars, the world opens up to them.

FWM: What life lessons have you learned along your journey to this point?
MM: After getting married, my husband and I joined the Peace Corps and spent 27 months volunteering in Niger, West Africa. It was a humbling and awe-inspiring experience that changed me forever.


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