Farm Work

The Buckley Farm, founded in Lowell, Indiana in 1849 by the Irish immigrants Dennis and Catherine Buckley wasn’t designed to be a living history museum, it was designed to be a farm.

Living history museums allow visitors to see the long-ago vanished agrarian life. In 1977, Rose Buckley Pearce, a descendent of the Buckleys donated the property to the Lake County Parks and Recreation Department so it could be turned into a more theatrical and educational sort of venue.

For decades, The Buckley Homestead has been a place where visitors can see 19th century farm-life in action. It’s the sort of thing the Buckleys never would have understood, but probably would have been thrilled to know that people in 2020 are interested in them and their livelihood. 3606 Belshaw Road, Lowell, lakecountyparks.com


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