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The custom-made craftsman-styled staircase gives the home a unique detail.

When it comes to creating the home of your dreams, it absolutely takes a team approach – from the developer who selects the site to the architect and builder who design and build the home to the interior designer who adds the finishing touches to give the home its personality. And along the way nothing is more important than the little things. This is especially demonstrated in Blooming Home Interiors’ Carolyn Huffman’s entry in the magazine’s 2019 Best Home Design Contest. It is the focus on the design details that gave this newly constructed home its polished look.

For the model home built by Sauder Built, Huffman was responsible for selecting all of the interior and exterior finishes as well as planning some of its unique design features.

Huffman explained when building a model home, it is not only important to showcase the craftsmanship and talent of the builder, but it is also essential to provide potential buyers with the ability to see themselves living in the home.

And Huffman believes that the design elements used to show how all the details work together really helps a home get extra attention.

“People struggle to pull things together,” said Huffman. “In my business, I work to help people select the finishes, furniture, accessories, paint colors and all of the other necessary details that must be decided when building a home. They really can’t see how it will all come together and how to make it cohesive.”

Through Blooming Home Interiors, Huffman has created somewhat of a niche for herself. She does a lot of project design and management for smaller projects including overseeing subcontractors, picking out materials and accessories and assisting clients for just a few hours when they need guidance in planning a project or finding the necessary elements; she also does a lot of color consultation, helping clients pick out paint colors or showing how light fixtures, door handles, sconces and mirrors can help give a room a cohesive appearance.

For this home, Huffman’s unique design details include the staircase banister that is craftsman-inspired and custom designed by Huffman. “The father-and-son team at Sauder do all of the trim work by hand. I was able to sketch out my design and they were able to build it onsite,” she said. “I wanted to do something unusual that went beyond a classic spindle; I really wanted to show how decorative elements can be added in unusual ways to a custom home. I wanted to create a contemporary staircase and since it is the first thing you see when you walk into the home, I wanted something that would catch the eye and draw it up to the second-story loft.”

The master bath offered Huffman another opportunity to show how the details can enhance a space. The movement in the ceramic tile provides a soothing palette, while the rich, wood vanity grounds the space and adds depth.

Huffman explained that she wanted the bathroom to have clean lines, but selected oil-rubbed bronze fixtures to give the design’s simplicity some sophistication. The bathtub isn’t too big (definitely a move away from the oversized garden-tub style) and didn’t compromise the ability to create a large walk-in shower.

“With its clean lines and contemporary design, the tub is more of a piece of art. I like how the oil-rubbed bronze faucet adds a nice layer of depth and combined with the natural light makes it so inviting,” she said.

In the kitchen, Huffman used the always on trend subway tiles and the oil-rubbed bronze drawer/cabinet pulls to help tie in the darker wood tones used throughout the house. She also gave the island a shiplap-look, the glass paneled cabinets a craftsman-style and kept the colors neutral give the home a cohesive look.

“I think it is the fixtures, lights, finishes and other details that add a richness and touch of drama and give the home a well-designed look,” she said.


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