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Band's first year exceeds expectations

Nate Yaroslaski, Cassie Beer, Nick Lubs and Josh St. John, photography by Theresa Thompson

Although she’s been active in music much of her life, pastor’s daughter Cassie Beer admits most of her experience has been through the church. Covering other people’s songs and sharing with a somewhat insular crowd served her well for many years, but she craved a more fulfilling creative experience. Last year, she finally decided to tackle it.

“I had wanted to write my own music for a long time, and last year I finally decided I was going to do it,” Beer said. “I started doing some solo stuff last fall but gradually asked the guys to join me.”

Those guys include Josh St. John, Nick Lubs, Nate Yaroslaski and Christian Delzoppo, who now comprise Rosalind & the Way. All were looking for a new way to express their musicianship and decided to do so through a new band with an Americana sound.

“We’d been playing in church bands and replicating other people’s sound,” Beer said. “We wanted to find our own voice, new challenges. We all found ourselves in a similar place.”

Beer said when the band first came together in January, she was emerging from a difficult year.

“I was deciding what kind of person I wanted to be. I wanted to redefine myself, and I had always wondered if I could do this – if I could write songs, if I could have a band. My husband was my biggest cheerleader, and that support finally gave me the courage to do it. Now I’m trying to make it an everyday discipline, to work on new music.”

Beer’s own musical influences include the Avett Brothers, Eva Cassidy and Brandi Carlile, and to this point she’s been writing music on her own. But she looks forward to collaborating more with her bandmates in the months to come.

“Adding other musicians to the mix is great. It’s fun to hear what they bring to it,” she said.

Although she recorded some pared-down songs last fall – featuring only her voice and guitar – she hopes the full band can record some more songs this fall. In the meantime, their summer was surprisingly busy, going well beyond her expectations.

“I thought it would take a long time for us to establish ourselves, but we’ve had some big opportunities already,” she said. “We were booked for Rock the Plaza and the Zoo Brew. It really goes to show the power of an email, just sending out the word that you’re available and want to perform.”

Having quickly established themselves in the Fort Wayne area, sharing their unique brand of folk-rock to an eclectic music community, Rosalind & the Way are hoping to expand their reach.

“I think the fact that we’ve taken off so quickly really demonstrates the support for the arts in this area,” she said. “It’s really become a great place for musicians and artists to be creative.”

First appeared in the October 2016 issue of Fort Wayne Magazine.


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