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Allyson Cooper at Zip Timber Lake

Extreme Thrills

The adrenaline hits at the starting gate. You’re usually sandwiched in between two others, and you’re geared up while astride your bike. Then the gate drops. You’re peddling, your heart is pounding, there are elbows and a hill. Then…the air.

Spotted Around Town


Crazy eggs, peaches and cream

I like to take little road trips with my family because you never know what you’ll find around the corners of some of these smaller towns.

Summit City Somm


Don’t fear the vine

At some point, though, the process of tasting large quantities of wine becomes overwhelming. Your palate goes soft and it’s difficult to differentiate flavors. Here’s how to fix that and make wine tasting fun.

On Stage


A love reborn

After graduating college, the real world intruded on Ennis Brown’s plans. The death of his grandmother led to an extended hiatus from the theater. Then, one audition changed everything.

Trowel & Error


Bee here now

“If we don’t keep the bees safe, gardening won’t be as easy as it should be,” says Megan Ryan, one of many bee experts trying to turn the tide on the dying honeybee population.

A Taste


Still got it

There is a special place for Petros Gounaris in the basement of The Rib Room, an area carved out just for him where he whips together batches of his sauce which is then slathered onto “Nick’s Original Ribs,” a dish which, like The Rib Room itself, has been a staple of the East State Boulevard corridor for generations.

20 Questions With ...

Violetta Todorova

Violetta Todorova

In Russia, you do one thing — and you do it well. For Violetta Todorova, that one thing was violin. Meet the Fort Wayne Philharmonic’s concertmaster as she plays 20 Questions.

Eyes on the Street


Adventure Playgrounds

These early playgrounds were designed for adventure, often providing children with materials (lumber, nails, etc.) to build their own creations. The hope was that the act of building would require the children to collaborate. And they worked.


House of Furniture, photography by Jennifer Dodds Fox

Curb appeal

Spring has sprung so it’s time to freshen up your home’s front entry for the season. No matter how big your front porch or stoop is, a bit of color and dimension will add loads of welcoming curb appeal.

Weddings 2017


Wherever the mood takes you

Our 2017 Gown Gallery explores the changing moods of The Glass Warehouse to inspire you with this year’s wedding fashions.


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