The 260

Come for the purses. Stay for all the new items. Vera Bradley's Annual Outlet Sale is offering a plethora of items — some the company has never offered before.

Purses, patterns and proceeds…oh my!

Shoppers will find the purses and handbags. And they’ll also see the never-before-seen goods such as funky patchwork backpacks, brass ice cream pint holders, footwear, fragrances, candles and bath products.

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Team Spirit

Fort Wayne is the birthplace for some surprising sports history. History that resonates even today. We love sports. We love our teams. We are a true sports city.

Spotted Around Town

Arts Talk

One of the murals inside the historic Allen County Courthouse, photography by John McGauley

Preserving history

Courthouse restoration fights the effects of time, weather and pigeons.

On Stage


Kevin Donley with players Shawn Ryan, Brian Gegner, Zach Minardo and Shannon Swain, courtesy of the University of Saint Francis

Finally . . . a championship

Kevin Donley and the University of Saint Francis are savoring their first title for the football program he built from the ground up.

A Taste

20 Questions With ...

Kellie Adkins, photography by Neal Bruns

Kellie Adkins

Kellie Adkins is a champion of the outdoors by day and a Derby Girl by night. Find out what keeps her rolling as we play 20 Questions.

Eyes on the Street


Garden cities

Great places rely on nature — namely, Garden Cities.


Dreamstime Images

Spring Town & Country begins

This year’s spring tour includes 46 homes, 12 villaminiums and two home building sites sprawled across Fort Wayne and New Haven — which anyone can visit for free.

Weddings 2017


Wherever the mood takes you

Our 2017 Gown Gallery explores the changing moods of The Glass Warehouse to inspire you with this year’s wedding fashions.


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