AVOWed To Create Change

Advancing Voices of Women (AVOW) is featured in our March issue; two of its co-founders recently sat down with WANE-TV


Fort Wayne Nonprofits Give Back

Nonprofits are challenged to do more with less. Constraints of time, money, personnel and resources mean they must find innovative

Trend Spot

A Tiny (But Mighty) Boutique

When Nancy and Dean Riesterer bought their home, it came with a small backyard shed full of junk, animal nests


Arts & Culture

Magic Ink: The Poem Market

With a “deep love for writing, poetry and what words look like when they’re spelled out in ink,” and after

The Beat

A Taste

Best Burgers

“The burger can never be weakened. It can never be slowed down. It can never stop its ever-increasing growth in popularity. It is the single most powerful force in the food universe.”


Kendra Johnson: Punk Style

Kendra Johnson remembers feeling “petrified” at her first show.
“I was 17, barely 17,” she recounted. “In the


Your Abode


Rehearsal dinners are a lovely wedding tradition which gives the bridal party, family members and close friends the opportunity to


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