07 Pub thrives on Fort Wayne south side

Clancy Shank and Marcus Spillson, friends since elementary school, have always dreamed about having a neighborhood pub where people could go for good food and great conversation. This is their goal for the newly opened 07 Pub.

“We wanted the place to feel like home,” said Shank. “A little area in the 07 where people can come and feel like it is their bar.” Shank and Spillson used to be patrons of the bar housed in the 100-year-old building on Broadway prior to it becoming their neighborhood pub.

Wanting to preserve the building’s history yet give it a fresh take, the décor includes a piece of an old South Side gym basketball floor built into the bar as well as the bar’s original mirror and rail.

07 Pub has a full-service liquor license and offers a full bar, including 14 beers on tap and 48 bottle and can offerings. In addition, a specialty cocktail menu was just launched featuring the pub’s own infused liquors. One example is a blueberry-infused vodka mixed with lemonade and topped with frozen blueberries. Another is a pineapple vodka for martinis.

The must-haves from the menu include the breaded tenderloin sandwich and the 07 Pub burger, which is made of fresh Black Angus beef and includes bacon beer cheese, cooked mushrooms and onions and topped with two onion rings. “It is a little bit difficult to eat, but is delicious,” said Spillson.

Spillson admits the pub is truly a family affair: his father has assisted with the planning of the kitchen and menu design and his mother is busy pickling vegetables for the pub’s Bloody Mary–made with, yes, house-infused vodka.

07 Pub, 3516 Broadway, 260.456.6807


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