260 with Kara Gott Warner

Kara Gott Warner

Creative Confidence Coach and Knitter


FWM: How did you go from knitting during your commute to becoming a lifestyle coach for creative women?
KGW: I started knitting on my commute to ease stress. I then became determined to make a career centered around my passion for knitting. This led me to become a craft book editor. Which then took me to northeast Indiana where I worked as the executive editor at Creative Knitting magazine. Fast forward to today, where I work with creative women to reach their most important goals.

FWM: How do you incorporate creativity into your work?
KGW: I encourage clients to use their creative endeavors as a way to calm their minds and allow for deeper thought in order to get a clear understanding of the results they want to achieve.

FWM: When working with creative women, what do you see as their biggest challenges to achieving their goals?
KGW: It’s their overall mindset – specifically indecision, doubt and resistance. This trifecta holds women back when they don’t trust their own ideas and don’t believe in themselves.

FWM: What is your favorite quote?
KGW: It’s the sentiment, ‘The best way out is always through’ from Robert Frost’s poem Servant of Servants. It’s so powerful. Many times, people won’t try something because they don’t want to feel the emotions that come with failure. karagottwarner.com


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