Fashionably Speaking:
Lyndy Bazile

Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Lyndy Bazile has always been an artist. In her early 20’s, she taught herself how to animate, landing a job animating a web series in Massachusetts for some comedians and writers who’d produced successful shows on Comedy Central. She moved back to Fort Wayne in 2014. After the loss of her second child, and her subsequent divorce, she felt a hole in her life where her daughter should have been. “So I started filling that hole with images and ideas of my female ancestors,” she said. “I know my return to painting and studio art was my way of handling my grief and I’m forever thankful to my daughter for helping me find my strength.”

What is your style philosophy? I want my style to portray a strong, unique, aware, creative, etc. Individual but functionality is certainly more important at this point.

Does having style relate to your profession? I know that I will likely have paint on my hands. I know I’ll need to be comfortable because I will probably be lifting heavy things and crawling on the floor, building canvases and organizing materials. I have been embracing this lifestyle and have become comfortable wearing pieces that make me look tough or rugged. However, I do enjoy emphasizing moments of softness as well.

What is your go-to, no-fail ensemble? All black with gold jewelry! If my top is tight then my bottoms should be flowy and vice versa. If I really want to feel good, I will wear a slight, thick heel. I can’t actually stand upright in real heels but something like a cowboy boot heel is just perfect.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure? The guiltiest pleasure of all might be eating the cookie dough before I bake cookies. It’s a shameful act of raw consumption and now I’m salivating.

Favorite place to dine out in Fort Wayne? Bird + Cleaver! My dear friends own it and I also work there sometimes. The Cheesebrews are amazing people who make delicious, nourishing, love filled meals and they also care about the important things.

Are you a morning person or a night owl? I used to be a night owl but now that I’m older and have a toddler, I don’t get to choose. I’m usually too tired to be productive or conscious at night so I end up having the most success if I plan to wake up early and knock things out before anyone else wakes up.

Coffee or tea? Tea is sweet but only coffee can really get me there. We’re lucky to have such great options in Fort Wayne. When I get the chance, I order a nonfat latte with an extra shot and one pump of caramel!

Where do you shop for stylish goods locally? It’s been a challenge to find fashionable, consciously made, plus size clothes. Looking for these items locally is especially difficult. I’d say my favorite place to look is Franciscan Thrift out west on Jefferson. They have a lot of nice options, very affordable, wide range of sizes (shoes too) AND all wooden hangers which makes it feel a little fancy.

What is your number one fashion indulgence? Bras! I have to spend a lot of money if I want a bra that looks good and actually supports me. I stopped caring about good bras after I had my son but a good friend reminded me that it’s important to put in the extra effort. Once you have your undergarments secured, it’s much easier to make anything else look good.

What’s the top item on your current bucket list? Building a Rain/Art Garden/creative community space on the Southeast side of Fort Wayne.

What is your favorite scent? It’s a men’s cologne that kind of smells like sweet pinto beans… I’ve never been able to find out what it’s called.

What’s one surprising item you currently have in your closet? A bag of 176 unmatched socks.

Any embarrassing or funny fashion/beauty mistakes you’d like to share? In kindergarten I remember wearing a really nice dress to school. I rarely felt cute, but that day, I really thought things were looking up and that I was finally gonna fit in! I remember the teacher took all the girls to the restroom and when I came out and was washing my hands at the sink, she came over and quietly let me know that I had my dress tucked into my underwear. I feel like that moment really paved the way for a future of never feeling the urge to try so hard to look socially acceptable.

Bazile’s striking, evocative work can be found on her Instagram account @afroplump.


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