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The Modern Mill Showroom will stock eclectic mixtures of mid-century modern design.

Mark and Carmen Brough, residents of the Southwood Park area, have been involved with several businesses including rehabilitating houses, real estate, design and décor, HVAC and a burgeoning solar panel business. They are also renovating a historic building near Quimby Village which will become their offices, as well as a brick-and-mortar center for their other businesses.

An edifice at the corner of Broadway and Bluffton Roads which most recently housed Rogers Formalwear will be the newly-christened Modern Mill, said Mark, a Bishop Luers High School and Butler University graduate.

According to Mark, Modern Mill brings together a unique offering.

“I grew up on Old Mill Road, which becomes Broadway at the new building. We didn’t want to call the business Old Mill, because everything we do centers on modernizing your living space. Hence, the name Modern Mill,” said Mark.

The storefront is a showroom of furniture and décor bringing together local artists to promote their art combined with home décor.

“Upstairs is the office area, but the main floor has such beautiful character that I imagine it to become a destination – shopping parties, art and creativity,” said Carmen.

The concept of Modern Mill was the culmination of all the previous companies Mark owned.

“We decided to combine these companies under one name, so that if you need anything for your home, you can call us,” said Mark, who stresses the functionality and beautification of rehabbed homes.

“Prior to 2008 when the market crashed, we were buying cheap old houses right and left. The market is pretty high now, and I’d say we are buying for $95,000 and selling for $165,000. But that is a full house gut and remodel. We’ve flipped more than 100 homes, mostly in Fort Wayne.”

“We tend to have a similar style. Mark is more on the modern side of things, while I love a mix and tend to be a bit more transitional. He has a wealth of knowledge on the how-to side, such as electrical and pipes and framing. I take my experiences from our past and current home, and try to imagine what other families would appreciate in their homes,” said Carmen. modernmillhome.com


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